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Moving the Oil Market Forward

AmeriBlend Inc. in Houston, Texas, is actively exploring various means and avenues in order to positively grow our business in line with the expected growth of the fuel oil and residual oil market over the next three years. This growth will be driven by a combination of our parent company's expertise in the petroleum business and our resources.

Growth In the Fuel Oil and Residual Oil Market

The fundamentals of the fuel oil and residual oil market are so compelling that this sector is bound to grow dramatically in the near future. Further, business development opportunities have been identified which stand to provide an upside if they fructify into successful trades. It is this market that our parent company, Swiss-Singapore Overseas Enterprises, PTE Ltd. (SSOE), intends to tap and aggressively grow its business. The outlook for this market is extremely positive, driven by powerful underlying fundamentals such as SSOE's proven track record and expertise, the inherent dynamics of the fuel oil market, and the strategic initiatives we plan to undertake throughout the value chain including blending and storage.

Strategic Initiatives

Our initiatives are designed to retain value throughout the value chain. We plan to develop fuel and residual oil business in North America. These steps include:

• Purchase Fuel Oil on FOB Basis (Which Is an Oil Refinery Byproduct) From Various US-Based Oil Refineries
• Inward Shipment/Logistics: Arrange For Its Shipment By Rail/Barge/Road to the Storage and Blending Facility
• Storage and Blending Facility: A Significant Value Driver of the Fuel Oil and Residual Oil Trading Business Is the Storage and the Blending Decision
• Outward Shipment and Logistics: We Will Arrange For the Finished Product to Be Shipped by Ocean Transport to Customers Located All Over the World

Oil Drill

Our Storage and Blending Facility

In keeping with our strategic initiatives, we have leased an aboveground storage tank with a storage capacity of at least 200,000 barrels of fuel oil. This storage in the Houston and New Orleans areas will be used to heat, store, and blend different grades of fuel and heavy oils depending on customer requirements and market economics. The storage and blending facility will be located in or near New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas, in order to provide ready access to international shipping routes originating from the US Gulf Coast and ending in various other parts of the world, particularly Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We are also an end user of all of these commodities. We have plants across the globe that use feed stock.